Monday, August 10, 2015

Krispy KReme Message Doughnut Giveaway

Definitely an awesome way to turn someone’s sour day into a sweet one! Krispy Kreme is giving away Message Doughnuts to 10 lucky winners with free delivery to your doorstep! Now get a chance to have your own box of Krispy Kreme’s Message Doughnuts by joining this simple giveaway.

1. This giveaway will run from August 6 till 14, 2015.
2. Like and follow Krispy Kreme Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

3. Share your message in the comment section on either Instagram or Facebook post HERE

4. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SayItWithJoy. (Messages should only be composed of 20 characters maximum)

5. Comment below the post with the following details:
- Your Name and Email address:
- Your sweet message:
- Link to your FB or Instagram post:

6. Comments with the most likes get to be selected for this giveaway. 

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