Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sony World Photography Award National Awards

Are you Malaysia’s best photographer?
Magnify your exposure – tell your story on the world stage at our SWPA 2017.
Winners will win Sony’s premium cameras, attend the award ceremony and enjoy a tour in London!
Prizes to be won for National Award Winners:

1st prize α7R II + SEL2470Z with Trip & Exhibition in London, UK
2nd prize α7 II + SEL35F28Z
3rd prize α6500 + SEL1670Z

Open to all levels. 
only those with Malaysian nationality will be eligible for this award.Deadline for submission is 5th Jan 2017. 

Register today at this link:

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tropicana Twister Keceriaan Berganda

Peraduan ini akan berlangsung dari 14 November 2016 hingga 11 Februari 2017 .
Untuk menyertai peraduan ini, anda perlu membeli mana-mana produk yang turut serta dalam resit tunggal dari mana-mana pasar raya atau kedai yang turut serta. Setiap resit tersebut melayakkan peserta kepada 2 baucar diskaun dan 1 penyertaan Peraduan. Produk yang turut serta dalam peraduan ini adalah Tropicana Twister 1.5L ‘Twin Pack’ (Pek Kembar) promosi Keceriaan Berganda, sebarang variasi
Cara Menyertai
i. Jawab satu soalan: “Tropicana Twister diperbuat daripada jus sebenar dan MENGANDUNGI vitamin. Betul atau Salah”.
ii. Taip (TROPICANA)<jarak>(no. resit 5 digit akhir)<jarak>(tarikh resit HHBBTT)<jarak>(no. KP 12 digit)<jarak>(jawapan)<jarak>(nama) dan SMS ke 36266.

Contoh: TROPICANA 56789 301116 880818105678 Betul Maria Mohd
iii. Simpan resit bercetak tunggal asal dengan butiran resit yang sepadan dengan penyertaan SMS (bertarikh dalam Tempoh Peraduan) sebagai bukti pembelian.
iv. Hanya resit-resit bercetak asal dengan deskripsi jelas produk yang turut serta akan diterima. Salinan resit dan resit cetak semula tidak akan diterima.
v. Setiap hari peraduan sepanjang tempoh peraduan, peraduan akan bermula pada pukul 12:00 pagi dan berakhir pada pukul 11:59 malam.
vi. Para peserta akan dicaj RM0.30 untuk setiap mesej SMS diterima. Caj ini adalah tambahan ke atas caj standard SMS yang dikenakan oleh operator telefon bimbit peserta.
vii. Para peserta hanya boleh menyertai Peraduan ini melalui telefon bimbit sahaja.
a. Hadiah Harian #1 x 90: Wang tunai RM1,000.00 setiap satu.
b.Hadiah Harian #2 x 3,960: Wang tunai RM50.00 setiap satu.
Setiap peserta hanya layak untuk memenangi 1 Hadiah Harian dalam 1 Hari Peraduan dan maksimum 3 Hadiah Harian sepanjang Tempoh Peraduan.
Cara pemilihan pemenang
a). Hadiah Harian x 45 pemenang x 90 hari:
i. Para pemenang Hadiah Harian yang layak akan ditentukan berdasarkan jumlah penyertaan layak yang diterima sepanjang Hari Peraduan dibahagikan dengan 45.5.
Sebagai contoh: jika terdapat sebanyak 2,279 penyertaan layak diterima, nombor ini akan dibahagikan dengan 45.5 dan dibundarkan kepada nombor bulat paling dekat yang lebih rendah iaitu 50. Maka penyertaan layak ke-50, ke-100, ke-150 dan seterusnya akan disenarai pendekkan dan berpeluang memenangi Hadiah Harian setiap satu.
ii. Daripada 45 penyertaan yang disenarai pendekkan, penyertaan ke-22 yang disenarai pendekkan akan memenangi Hadiah Harian #1, manakala penyertaan-penyertaaan yang lain akan memenangi Hadiah Harian #2 setiap satu untuk hari tersebut.

Nama-nama 45 pemenang harian akan diumumkan setiap hari bekerja di link ini: SENARAI PEMENANG HARIAN

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fair & Lovely Pencerahan Unggul

Peserta dikehendaki membeli produk Fair & Lovely bernilai minima RM10 dan menyimpan resit asal dan hantarkan gambar resit asal dan gambar 'flatlay' produk Fair & Lovely melalui aplikasi WhatsApp/MMS ke nombor 014-6969 839 

Untuk menyertai Peraduan ini, ikuti langkah di bawah:
Langkah 1.
Beli mana-mana produk Fair & Lovely. Pembelian minima RM10 setiap satu resit asal layak menyertai Peraduan ini.

Langkah 2.
Ambil imej/gambar resit asal dengan butiran seperti produk pembelian, jumlah pembelian dan nama pasaraya di mana pembelian tersebut dibuat. Gambar mestilah jelas tertera dalam gambar/imej resit berikut. Resit asal mestilah disimpan dengan baik dan diberikan kepada Penganjur semasa mengutip Hadiah. Salinan fotostat resit tidak akan diterima.

Langkah 3.
Hantar gambar paling kreatif produk Fair & Lovely secara "flatlay".

Langkah 4.
Hantarkan imej/gambar resit asal dan gambar "flatlay" anda melalui aplikasi WhatsApp/MMS ke nombor 014-6969 839

Langkah 5.
Jawab YA/TIDAK kepada mesej Notis Privasi yang akan diberikan oleh pihak Penganjur dan sertakan butiran peribadi seperti Nama Penuh, No. Kad Pengenalan, Alamat Penuh dan E-Mel.

Peserta dengan pembelian (resit yang sah) bersertaan gambar "flatlay" produk Fair & Lovely yang paling kreatif akan dipilih sebagai Pemenang mingguan. Peserta boleh menghantar lebih daripada satu penyertaan untuk mempunyai peluang yang lebih tinggi untuk menang dengan syarat setiap penyertaan haruslah disertakan dengan 1 resit sahaja.
Resit asal diperlukan untuk pengesahan sebelum pemenang dipilih.

  • MINGGU 1: 1 NOV - 12 NOV 2016
  • MINGGU 2: 13 NOV - 19 NOV 2016
  • MINGGU 3: 20 NOV - 26 NOV 2016
  • MINGGU 4: 27 NOV - 3 DIS 2016
  • MINGGU 5: 4 DIS - 10 DIS 2016
  • MINGGU 6: 11 DIS - 17 DIS 2016
  • MINGGU 7: 18 DIS - 24 DIS 2016
  • MINGGU 8: 25 DIS - 31 DIS 2016

Hadiah Pertama Mingguan:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LTE 32GB x 1 pemenang setiap minggu (jumlah 8 unit untuk dimenangi)

Hadiah Kedua Mingguan:

Samsung Tab S2 9.7" x 2 pemenang setiap minggu (jumlah 16 unit untuk dimenangi)

Hadiah Saguhati Mingguan:
Wang Tunai RM200 x 17 pemenang setiap minggu (jumlah 136 unit untuk dimenangi)

Setiap Pemenang yang terpilih hanya berhak memenangi SATU hadiah mingguan di keseluruhan tempoh peraduan.
Simpan resit pembelian ya, kerana penganjur akan meminta peserta mengemukakan bukti pembelian untuk penebusan hadiah sekiranya anda dipilih sebagai pemenang.

Selamat mencuba! :)

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Milky Toy Sweep Contest

How to Participate

  1. Purchase any three (3) Dutch Lady UHT Milky 125ml blister packs (any variant) in a single receipt from any participating supermarket/retailer. Every purchase of three (3) Dutch Lady UHT Milky 125ml milk blister packs in a single receipt entitles the participant to one (1) contest entry. For example, for purchase of nine (9) Dutch Lady UHT Milky 125ml milk blister packs in a single receipt, the participant just has to send one (1) contest form and will be given three (3) contest entries automatically.
  2. Answer a question: “There are 5 Grand Prizes to be won in this Contest. True / False.”
  3. Complete the entry form and attach the original single receipt dated within the Contest Period as proof of purchase
  4. Send via normal mail to: Peraduan ‘Milky Toy Sweep’ Dutch Lady, Peti Surat 3203, 47507 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Dutch Lady Milky Toy Sweep Contest will run from 1 November 2016 to 31 December 2016
2. This Contest is open to all citizens of Malaysia above 18 years of age (as at 1 November 2016) who are parents or legal guardians of a Malaysian child from 1 to 7 years of age as at year 2016 (based on child’s year of birth), except the employees and immediate families of the Organiser, including its affiliated and/or related companies, distributors, advertising and promotion agencies. 

3. The Dutch Lady products participating in the Contest are Dutch Lady UHT Milky 125ml milk blister packs, any variant (”Participating Dutch Lady UHT Milky 125ml milk blister packs”). 
4. The participating supermarkets for the Contest are AEONGiant and Tesco, while the participating retail outlet is Hamley’s Malaysia.


a. Grand Prize x 5: Dutch Lady Milky Toy Sweep each

i. All winners are required to attend the Toy Sweep event in Klang Valley at the date, time and location determined by the Organiser. 
Each Child must be accompanied by one (1) parent or legal guardian throughout the Toy Sweep event. 

b. First Prize x 20: Marvel/Frozen toys worth RM450.00 each

c. Second Prize x 30: Marvel/Frozen toys worth RM250.00 each

d. Each participant is eligible to win only one (1) prize during the Contest Period for their Child. 

e. The Organiser reserves the right at its absolute discretion to substitute any prize with that of similar value at any time without prior notice.

For complete T&C please CLICK HERE
To download contest form, please CLICK HERE

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Astro Celebrating You (2nd Round)

Join in the celebration of Astro's 20th anniversary with amazing experiences!
Round 1 was over, so now it's round 2. There are 20 unforgettable giveaways to be won in this November. Come and win a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Astro.

CLICK HERE to join the experience specially for Astro Subscribers 

Choose your prizes:

 Nothing beats being there to soak up the electrifying atmosphere! 
A trip for 2 to catch the who’s who of basketball go head to head in the NBA All-Star 2017.

Tour Northern Ireland in true Game of Thrones style. Fully experience the real Westeros with a visit to Winterfell.
Go behind the scenes of the hit series and stay in one of the few rooms that some of the stars stayed during the filming

Take your seat as an audience at the recording of "I Am A Singer".
A trip for 2 to Changsha plus exclusive tickets to catch some of the best Chinese singers outdo each other live on stage.

Sing and shout with fellow fans at the home of football.
We’re giving you and your kaki bola friend that dream trip to England to watch a Premier League match in a stadium with thousands of other football die-hards.

It’s the closest you’ll ever get to your fave Korean artistes. Fly to South Korea with your K-fan friend for the KBS Entertainment Awards to soak up all the excitement and energy of Korean pop culture.

Get your best outfit ready for the dinner of your dreams! A getaway for 2 to Hong Kong for that golden experience to meet some of HKs best actors and actresses up-close and personal at a gala dinner.

It’s the SBS Drama Awards and you’ll be there! A trip for 2 to South Korea and a pair of exclusive tickets to one of Korea’s most prestigious award shows celebrating the best in Korean TV.

Discover the art of taking soul-stirring pictures in a Bespoke Photography Workshop. A trip for 2 to New Orleans in the company of Nat Geo’s very own photographer and an expedition leader.

Johan wants to go on a date with you!  And he wants to offer you the chance to make a cameo appearance in one of his upcoming shows! Get your acting chops ready for the role of your life.

Walk among animals from around the world! A family trip to Perth for 2 adults & 2 children under 9 years old and a personalised guided tour of one of the world’s leading conservation zoos by the Swan River.

CLICK HERE to join the experience specially for Astro Subscribers

Fruit Tree Drink & Win

Buy any Fruit Tree products, answer a question and send your entry via mail or sms. 
This contest will run from 1 November - 31 December 2016.


How to Join
1. Buy any one (1) Fruit Tree products from participating outlets.
2. Answer one simple question "The participating product is this contest are Fruit Tree range of products [True/False]
3. Attach proof of purchase and send via mail or via sms

Proof of Purchase

a) Fruit Treee canned drinks: original receipt and can pull tab
b) Fruit Tree PET bottle drinks: original receipt and whole product label
c) Fruit Tree Tetra pack drinks: original receipt and product barcode.
CLICK HERE to download the contest form.

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