Monday, September 28, 2015


Sambutan istimewa untuk penggemar kopi kembali! Nikmati keistimewaan di bawah yang dibawa khas oleh Kopi WONDA. Banyak aktiviti promosi yang dianjurkan oleh Kopi WONDA sempena Hari Kopi Antarabangsa ni. 

Jom raikan Hari Kopi Antarabangsa ini dengan pelbagai keistimewaan daripada Kopi WONDA di samping memenangi hadiah-hadiah yang lumayan.

Peraduan #WONDAERAFM ini boleh disertai secara online dan on-air!



Klik SINI untuk Terma & Syarat (Online)Klik SINI untuk Terma & Syarat (On-Air)

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KITKAT Green Tea & GIANT Contest

Stand a chance to win a travel voucher to Japan, worth RM5,000 and other great prizes!

Step 1: Purchase 1 packet of the new KitKat Green Tea (8 pieces) from any GIANT outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. 

Submit via SMS
Step 2: Type in KKGT <space>Name <space>MyKad Number<space>Invoice Number
Step 3: SMS to 36300
*Each SMS received will be charged RM0.30, not inclusive of the 6% GST charge. Regular telco charges for SMSes will be charged. 


Submit via KitKat Malaysia Facebook
Step 2: Visit THIS SITE
Step 3: Enter your name, MyKad number, contact number, and invoice number and Submit.

Prizes are as below:

Grand Prize x 1 winner
Travel voucher to Japan worth RM5,000 

First Prize x 2 winners
Sony PlayStation® 4 worth RM1,800 each 

Consolation Prizes x 35 winners
GIANT supermarket shopping vouchers worth RM200 each 
Contest Period is from 10th September until 21st October 2015

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TOPVALU Win A Trip To Japan

Fancy a trip to Japan?
 You can join this contest with minimum purchase of TOPVALU’s product(s) worth RM50  in a single receipt from any AEON Stores during the Contest Period.
The Contest period shall commence from 28th September 2015 at 10.00 a.m.  to 15th October 2015 at 11.59 p.m.The Participant(s) are required to key in the payment Receipt Number at the contest link HERE

Here's a sample of invoice number on the receipt:

Grand Prize is allocated for 2 winners,  accompanied by one partner each.
Japan trip (Colours of JAPAN "FUYU-iro" KANTO 5 Days/3 Nights) for 2 persons
The tour includes:
Return International Air Ticket (Kuala Lumpur-Japan)
Taxes and Accommodation (Twin sharing + Breakfast)
Tour on day 4 (As per itinerary/meals not included)

The result of the Contest will be announced on 22nd October 2015. The  winners will be notified via email and/or phone.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gila-Gila with 7-Eleven 'Merdeka' theme

Congratulations to all winners for Gila-Gila 7-Eleven 'Merdeka' theme for August.September  theme is 'Best Friend', there's still time to submit your entry.
The contest is still ongoing until January 2016, with different themes each month.

As for October, November, December and January, the theme are going to be 'OOTD', 'Deepavali', 'Christmas' and 'Hello 2016!'
So there you go, you can start thinking of your Gila-Gila actions from now :)


Monday, September 21, 2015

HONOR 7 Know Your Advantage

Looking to get an Honor 7? 
Honor Malaysia is  giving away 10 units of Honor 7 in our Honor 7 trivia! Try it out HERE

Keputusan Peraduan PetPet Happy Comfort Easy Photo

Tahniah kepada para pemenang!
Berikut adalah senarai pemenang-pemenang peraduan PETPET® Happy Comfort Easy Photo.
Kepada yang tidak berjaya, jangan berputus asa kerana PETPET® akan menanjurkan peraduan lain dengan hadiah yang hebat lagi selepas ini :)

FUJIFILM Wedding Photo Contest

A very interesting contest for newlyweds and bride-to be. You stand to win prizes worth up to RM60,000 by submitting your most romantic picture!

This contest is open for photographer/bridal studio and wedding couples.

Photos must be taken between 1 January 2014 - 31 December 2015.

The rewards are as below:

Prizes for Wedding Couples

Grand Prize
Korea Tour package worth RM12,000 for 2 persons plus RM2,000 worth of Astalift beauty products

Merit Prize(3x)
Fujifilm X-A1/16-50 Kit worth RM1,888 plus RM1,000 worth of Astalift beauty products

Consolation Prize (7x)
Astalift beauty products worth RM800

Prizes for Photographer
Grand Prize
RM8,000 Cash Voucher (redeemable for fujifilm products)

Merit Prize(3x)
RM3,000 Cash Voucher (redeemable for fujifilm products)

Consolation Prize (7x)
RM1,5000 Cash Voucher (redeemable for fujifilm products)

You can download the ENTRY FORM HERE

So if you're married between 1 January 2014 until the end of this year,submit your most romantic picture for a chance to win!

Or if you have relatives or friends who are going to get married by the end of this year, spread this news so that they won't miss to join this contest.

Not only the married couples, but the photograper also stand a chance to win big. How awesome is that!

Do you have any freiends or family who just got married or soon-to-be married? Then share this good news with them :)

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Heaven and Earth #BoldTasteBoldYou Contest

Hadiah bernilai RM 38,000.00 bakal dimenangi anda!
Jom sertai 
Peraduan Facebook #HeavenandEarth #BoldTasteBoldYou  

Kita telah mengetahui bagaimana Neelofa mendapat inspirasi dari rasa keterujaan #HeavenandEarth untuk mengejar impiannya. Kini sudah tiba masanya untuk mendengar cerita anda!

Untuk menyertai peraduan ini anda perlu:

1. Tunjukkan apakah yang anda lakukan untuk mencapai impian
anda selepas merasa keterujaan Heaven and Earth memberi
inspirasi kepada anda dengan memuat naik gambar dalam petak
komen di post INI

2. Pastikan dalam gambar anda ada satu atau lebih produk 
Heaven and Earth

3. Lengkapkan penyertaan anda dengan peneragan cerita anda 
dengan hashtag #HeavenandEarth dan #BoldTasteBoldYou

Jangan lupa untuk ”Like" page Heaven and Earth!

Contoh Penyertaan:
Rasa keterujaan #HeavenandEarth telah memberi inspirasi kepada saya untuk menjadi seorang skater sejak saya berjaya melakukan kick-flip pada umur 13! #BoldTasteBoldYou

Cerita yang paling menarik akan menang! 

Hadiah untuk dimenangi:

1x Hadiah Utama Package GoPro Ultimate Black Edition bernilai RM 6,000.00

1x Hadiah Kedua Package GoPro Mega Black Edition bernilai RM 3,000.00

1x Hadiah Ketiga Package HG3Way Silver Black Edition bernilai RM 2,000.00

9x Hadiah Mingguan Package BG Silver Edition bernilai RM 1,820.00 setiap satu

Semua pemenang juga akan menerima produk Heaven and Earth untuk setahun bernilai RM 900.00 setiap satu!

Peraduan akan berlangsung sehingga 28 September 2015.

Layari SINI untuk Terma dan Syarat.

Result BOH show Your Cham Contest

The long awaited BOH Cham winners announcement is out! 
Congratulations to all winners :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yes 4G #MyMalaysia Canon Giveaway Contest

#MyMalaysia Canon Giveaway Contest

A picture is worth a thousand words. #Yes4G would like their fans to draw a masterpiece on what you think Malaysia Day is all about. Did we mention that you stand to win a Canon printer too?! 

All you have to do is:
1. Like the post HERE

2. Get an idea to draw by watching Yes4G’s Malaysia Day video on Youtube HERE

3. Upload your drawing* to your Facebook page & share the link in the comment section of the post HERE.

4. Don't forget to hashtag #MyMalaysia #Yes4G and tag Yes 4G!

*Drawing can mean sketching, colouring, painting, doodling, photo editing, etc.
As long as it is original artwork made by your own self.

Contest ends at 5pm on 21 September 2015.


like emoticon

#CabutWithCaltex Contest

Your ex-girlfriend can't stop calling you? Don't hide, just cabut!Whether it’s mother nature calling in the midst of a football game with your mates, or seeing an angry mob at a double parked car next to your double parked car, everyone’s familiar with those awkward situations you just want to smoothly get away from.

Caltex to show just how important it is to have Reliable Performance so you can “Cabut” out of those situations quickly and effectively.

What are you waiting for?
Share your version of a 'Cabut' scenario and stand a chance to win 3D2N stay for 2 at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, massage vouchers and CASH vouchers up to RM500.
You can even score a chance to have your 'Cabut' scenario shot by Dan Khoo Productions.

The due date for this contest is 20 September 2015.
So hurry up, there's no much time left.
Click  HERE  to join


Dumex Dugro Peraduan LEBIH LAGI Nutrisi

Nak bekalkan pelbagai jenis makanan untuk Si Manja ke sekolah? Senang saja... beli dua pek Dugro 900 gram dan dapatkan satu Bekas Nutrisi  yang datang dengan 2 petak berasingan untuk mengisi makanan kegemaran Si Manja. 

Kumpul 3 warna pilihan menarik (hijau, kuning dan merah)

Lagi berita baik para ibu!
Sertai Peraduan LEBIH LAGI nutrisi dengan menyediakan hidangan kreatif untuk peluang memenangi hadiah menarik! 
Mari bersuka ria dengan menyediakan hidangan yang kreatif dan bernutrisi untuk Si Manja.

Berikut adalah cara menyertai peraduan ini:

  1. Step
    Sediakan hidangan kreatif menggunakan Bekas Nutrisi Dugro yang didapati melalui promosi Dugro.
  2. Step
    Lengkapkan hidangan anda dengan susu Dugro (segelas susu/pek Dugro atau kedua-duanya) sebagai kombinasi hidangan penuh nutrisi dan ambil gambar secara melintang.
  3. Step
    Isi butiran peribadi dan hantar penyertaan dengan memuat naik gambar hidangan anda berserta nama hidangan #LebihLagiNutrisi di SINI
  4. Step
    Setelah dimuat naik, undang rakan dan keluarga mengundi hidangan anda.
  5. Step
    Gambar hidangan kreatif dengan kutipan ‘like’ terbanyak akan disenarai pilih. 33 hidangan yang paling kreatif dan bernutrisi akan dipilih oleh pihak Penganjur sebagai pemenang.


3x Hadiah Utama akan memenangi Pakej ke LEGOLAND dan LEGOLAND HOTEL untuk seisi keluarga (6 orang)

30 pemenang saguhati akan memenangi Baucer Giant bernilai RM100

Peraduan ini akan berlangsung sehingga 11 Oktober 2015

Dugro juga sedang mengadakan roadshow Dunia LEBIH LAGI nutrisi Dugro. Bagi yang belum menyertainya tersebut, jom sertai dan alami sendiri pelbagai aktiviti yang menarik.
Senarai roadhow boleh dilihat di SINI

Monday, September 14, 2015

Keputusan NTPM 40th Anniversary Contest (Ogos)

Berikut adalah keputusan pemenang bagi 'NTPM 40th Anniversary Contest' bagi bulan pertama iaitu Ogos.

Bagi yang belum menang, jangan putus asa kerana contest masih berlangsung hingga akhir tahun, iaitu 31 Disember 2015.

Tahniah kepada pemenang!

Kepada  yang belum menyertai, boleh download borang peraduan DI SINI

Selamat mencuba :)

Terima kasih kpd saudara Badiuzzzaman untuk result ini

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Result Oishii Fly Me To Tokyo contest

'Prepare your suitable attire and make sure your passport valid for the next 6 months because here are the winners for the Oishii: Fly Me To Tokyo contest wink emoticon

Congratulations and well done, winners :)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Keputusan Peraduan Lagi sihat Lagi Happy Bersama Nestle Minggu 1

3M Water filter Contest

Join this contest and stang your chance to win one of 3M Water Filters and you share of cash vouchers up to RM300,000.

To enter, you just need to complete 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill up the entry form HERE

Step 2: Like the page (Creative Home Facebook page)

Step 3: Share with your friends


Register HERE to receive FREE MEMBERSHIP to the lowest-price shopping experience, everything at wholesale price!

My Melody Blanket *2 Giveaway

Enter now to win FREE Melody Blanket (worth RM59.80)! 

Simply complete the action at this link HERE to gain your entry. 

Contest duration is only 4 days. So hurry up! Join now!


#Kaodimdreamhome Contest

It can be time consuming and frustrating to find professionals for things you need the most such as to renovating your bathroom, achieving a fitness goal or hiring a photographer for your wedding.
With Kaodim, you can now find, compare and hire the right professional for almost any type of service quickly, reliably and for free. As an open marketplace for services, Kaodim also promotes transparency and accountability in service professionals through their prices, quality of service and reliability.

This time, Kaodim wants to help you achieve your dream home through this new contest!

From 11 - 24 September 2015, tell Kaodim about your #kaodimdreamhome and stand a chance to win weekly prizes, including Grand Prizes of RM500 off any home improvement (e.g. renovation, painting etc) project!

How it works:

1. Share this Facebook post
2. Comment in the post with a photo of your home and tell us how Kaodim can help you achieve your #kaodimdreamhome

3. The contest is divided into two weeks:
Week 1: 11 September – 17 September 2015
Week 2: 18 September – 24 September 2015
Winners will be announced on 18th September 2015 and 25 September 2015
Weekly Prizes to be Won
Grand Prize: RM500 off any home improvement project
Second Prize: RM300 off a photography session
Third Prize: RM100 Kaodim voucher

Campaign Duration
The Campaign will run from 11 September 2015 to 24 September 2015 
Eligibility Criteria
  • Each unique Facebook comment + photo will be counted as one (1) chance to win the Prizes
  • A shared post does not count towards a chance to win the Prizes.
  • The Organiser will select 3 winners weekly
  • Each user is entitled to only one (1) chance per week to win the Prizes
  • Comments must be made within the Campaign Period.
  • Only users based in Malaysia will be eligible to win the Prizes

    For complete Terms & Conditions, click HERE

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wall’s Peraduan Lebih Ramuan

Apakah maksud LEBIH bagi anda? 

“Maksud LEBIH bagi Wall's adalah LEBIH RAMUAN. Maksud LEBIH bagi saya adalah LEBIH kegembiraan apabila dapat menikmati aiskrim Tub Wall’s bersama adik beradik.” – Lana Rose 

Wall’s memahami setiap keinginan keluarga. Oleh itu, Wall’s telah membantu para ibu dengan melaksanakan permintaan keluarga mereka dengan memberikan LEBIH RAMUAN dalam setiap Tub Wall’s Oreo.

Keluarga anda pasti sukakannya!

Jom kita sertai Peraduan Lebih Ramuan Wall’s yang 
dianjurkan bersempena dengan Kempen Lebih Ramuan Wall’s dalam setiap tub.

Mekanisme peraduan adalah seperti berikut. Pastikan:
1) Gambar anda mengandungi aiskrim Tub Wall’s dan maksud ‘LEBIH’ bagi anda.

2) Muat naik di Instagram atau Facebook Wall’s.

3) Lengkapkan kapsyen ‘Maksud Lebih bagi Wall's adalah ‘LEBIH RAMUAN’. Maksud ‘LEBIH’ bagi saya adalah ……..’

4) Kemudian hashtag #lebihramuanwalls.

Yang penting, pastikan profil anda telah disetkan kepada umum untuk pemilihan pemenang ye...

Hadiah bagi peraduan ini  adalah 4 keping tiket ke Legoland Malaysia yang akan dimenangi oleh 50 pemenang yang paling kreatif!

Peraduan akan diadakan dari 2hb September 2015, 12:00 malam dan berakhir pada 31hb Oktober
 2015, 11:59 malam

Jom serlahkan kretiviti anda sambil menikmati aiskrim Wall's yang lazat memikat! :)
Untuk terma dan syarat:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dutch Lady Win Your Wish Contest!

Bagi pengguna setia Dutch Lady, jangan ketinggalan menyertai peraduan terbaru ni.
Tapi ianya eksklusif di Giant sahaja.
Bermula dari 1 Sept - 31 Okt 2015, iaitu 2 bulan.

Jom tengok cara menyertainya.

Giat sungguh Dutch Lady buat peraduan kan... kalau anda memang pengguna setia, boleh lah join.

Tapi utk contest ni, nampaknya Susu Dutch Lady Kids dan Dutch Lady School tak termasuk dalam senarai.

Oleh itu, bagi pengguna-pengguna Susu Dutch Lady Kids dan Dutch Lady School, bolehlah menyertai peraduan yang satu lagi, ada kami kongsikan sebelum ini.
Caranya pun berdasarkan SMS juga. 


7-Select House Brand Design Contest

Calling all creatives! Starting now till 24 September, submit your creative designs and you may walk away with RM1000 and also have your designs featured on 7-Select products!

Contestants are required to complete the following steps to participate the Contest:

Step 1 :
Download the 7-Select House Brand Design Contest design template from 7-Eleven Malaysia Facebook page or HERE. You may download as many templates as you like.

Step 2 :
Unleash your creativity and design the 7-Select House Brand Design Contest design template. You may also design according to these sample themes:
a) Mother Nature
b) Artsy Abstract
c) Cool ‘n Futuristic
d) Local Favourites

Step 3 :
Submit your creative entries to (“Official Submission Email Address”) with the subject title – 7-SelectMY – and your complete details which include:
a) Full Name
b) NRIC Number
c) Mobile Number
d) Home Address

Contestants may submit as many completed Entries as they wish to the Official Submission Email Address during the Contest Period.
The higher the number of Entries submitted, the higher the chances of winning.

Download the template HERE

For complete terms and conditions click HERE


Sunday, September 6, 2015

LAZADA Win The New Samsung Galaxy Note5

To enter for a chance to win, tell in the comments section at THIS POST why you deserve to win the most powerful and beautiful Galaxy Note to date. Your comment must be 25 words or less.
Most creative entry wins. 

1 lucky winner will receive the new Samsung Galaxy Note5 
Contest ends 8/9/2015 at 11:59pm.

Lazada will reply to the selected winner's comment with instructions on claim
ing the prize.


1/ Your entry must be in 25 words or less. Should you exceed the required number of words, your entry will be considered null and void.

2/ Your entry must be your own work, must not be copied and must not otherwise be obscene, defamatory or in breach of any applicable legislation or regulations.

3/ Winner will be judged based on originality and creativity.The selected winner will receive a voucher code to be used on Lazada website to claim the prize.

4/ By participating to this contest you agree to be bound by the Competition terms and conditions contained herein and by the decisions of Lazada, which shall be final and binding in all respects.

Want more latest contest from us?
Don't forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to us :)

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Peraduan Aeon Big di cawangan terpilih

Jalan-jalan, jumpa contest ni. Kalau ikut T&C, katanya hadiah harian.

Siapa dah join?
Borang tak boleh diambil banyak, sebab kena tunjuk resit dulu.
Admin ada ambil borang sekeping, kalau uolls nak, nanti admin upload.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Rehat hujung minggu

Hari ni cuti, so admin rehat jap dari post tentang contest terbaru.
Tapi cuti-cuti ni pun ada Gdex datang hantar hadiah contest. Yeszaa!

Sape boleh teka hadiah apa yg admin dapat dalam kotak besar gedabak ni? 

MERDEKA Contest Watch & Win!

Here's a very easy contest. No purchase needed, no slogans needed. Everybody can join it.

1. Watch 
the interesting video at this link HERE
2. Answer simple question below 
3. Join the contest with 10 x Cash Prizes to be won, total of RM500 ! 
4. Share with your friendsPrize10x Winners with Total Prize of RM500 !
1st : RM200 
2nd: RM100
3rd : RM50
4th : RM40
5th : RM30
6th : RM25
7th : RM20
8th : RM15
9th : RM12
10th: RM8

Contest will end on 15 Sept

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Body Shop Malaysia RELAXATION Contest

How do you unwind?
With a book in your lap and soft jazz on the radio?
In an indulgent bubble bath?
With a simple cup of tea?
Or cooking up a storm in the kitchen?
Show how YOU relax, and stand to win a truly luxurious gift!

1. Take a photo that captures what RELAXATION means to you.
2. Post it in the comments section of THIS POST OR upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #myTBS and#Escapism.

Contest runs on 1st September 2015 to 14th September 2015. All entries must be received by 23:59:59 (Malaysian Time, GMT +8), 14thSeptember 2015. Late and invalid entries will not be entertained. The time is based on the Organizer’s server’s system time.

3.This contest is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above residing in Malaysia.

4.Employees of Rampai-Niaga Sdn. Bhd., affiliates, subsidiaries, related agencies and suppliers are ineligible to enter the Contest.

The THREE winning entries will win The Body Shop™ selected gift sets.
Winners will be announced on The Body Shop™ Malaysia’s Facebook page and Instagram account.