Monday, October 5, 2015

NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Contest

New contest for October!

This contest begins on 
1 October 2015 and ends on 30 November 2015

ONE (1) receipt (with a minimum purchase of RM 10 worth of NIVEA/NIVEA MEN deodorant products) is entitled for ONE contest entry. Each receipt can only be used ONCE.Participants will need to retain the original printed receipt in order to participate in this Contest. The Organizer may require Participant to produce the Proof of Purchase for gift redemption in the event the participant is selected as a winner.

Each duly completed and submitted contest entry must contain the following:

  • i. a minimum purchase amount of RM 10 (of NIVEA and/or NIVEA MEN deodorant products) from any participating outlets in ONE (1) receipt
  • ii. Participant's name
  • iii. NRIC number
  • iv. Answer

    Entries must be submitted via smart phone utilizing WhatsApp application only. Entries must be submitted to the number mobile +014 9255 170.
    The entries submitted must be clear, readable and in 
    ONE submission. Submission(s) which are does not meet these requirements are rejected.

    Each valid submission will be given a number sequence in the order of receipt via the WhatsApp application.

    Winners’ selection will be based on the number sequence in the order of receipt via the WhatsApp application based on the following valid contest entries (every 50th, every 144th (For Giant entries only) and every 400th entry only) throughout the Contest Period.


    • Grand Prize
    •     ● Every 400th entry will win Poh Kong voucher worth RM1000

    • Special Prize
    •     ● For entries through Giant Hypermarket/Supermarket, every 144th entry will win Pandora Voucher worth RM500 (For valid Giant receipt entry only)

    • Consolation Prize
    •     ● Every 50th entry will win cash prize worth RM50

      Terms & conditions apply

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