Thursday, February 2, 2017

Giant – Coloring Contest in Social Media

Coloring can develop a child's creative mind and can give you great prizes!
500 winners can each win RM100 Giant vouchers when you submit your best coloring entry in the comment section below! Collect your coloring page at the back of our February mailer and get creative! 

Terms and conditions
1. Timeline for this contest is on 2nd Feb – 28th Feb 2017.
2. Coloring page available on the last page of 2nd Feb - 15th Feb 2017 Giant mailer (catalog)
3. Entries will only be considered valid with hashtags #GiantHappierKids and #GiantMY.
4. Contest will only be accepted via Facebook and Instagram. Submit your entry here: on Facebook or upload your entry via Instagram with the required hashtag.
5. All submissions must be made as a public post in order for tracking to be validated.
6. The most creative pictures/best colored design will be chosen based on Giant’s choice.
7. Giant will congratulate the person via comment on the existing post (comment box).
8. Giant will follow through with a private message to attain contact details of the winner.
RM100 Giant Gift Voucher.
There will be a total of 500 winners from the Contest.
Prizes will be sent to the winner’s address. The Organiser reserves the right to change the winner of the Contest if the winner does not respond within 48 hours after notification.
Contest ends 28th February 2017
Good Luck!

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